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SoM Staff

There are many more staff members not mentioned here, but the list of in-game monitors constantly changes as new recruits are made and some move up the chain to mappers and beyond.

Name: Scorpio Staff Level: High Admin
Scorpio is one of the original founders of SoM and the creator of the SoMX engine. He still leads the game administrative staff and tries to keep everything coordinated. He is also the primary web-developer.

While Scorpio prefers the mouse sprite so that his enemies underestimate him, he has been sighted taking on a much bigger, more evil form.

He mostly uses the Scorpio admin account (usually invisible), but he does have true player characters such as Magic Scorpio and some which are still kept secret.
Name: Mayhem Staff Level: Low Admin
Mayhem has been a member of the community since nearly the beginning, even before the game went public. His primary game character, Rookie, was an original member of the guild Althenian Guard (by invitation of Kenji) and has since become the leader after Kenji's departure.

He takes being a SoM Admin very seriously and says he recognizes the amazing talent that Scorpio possesses and the hardwork that was put into making the game; for those reasons he will not tolerate rule breakers. While he does not pride himself in mapping ability, Mayhem has risen from devoted player-turned monitor to a low admin quickly due to the high respect he has from fellow staff members, including Scorpio.

Mayhem enjoys the game for what it is, a game. He also enjoys the majority of the people who play it and would gladly shake hands if encountered one on the street outside of the game.

Other Staff

Saturos (developer)
Nemesis (developer)
Exeter (developer)
R2D2 (developer)
Astro (mapper)
Supernova (mapper)

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