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Why donate?
Please take notice that Secrets of Mirage is an independent and non-commercial project. This free game is provided to you by Scorpio, an enthusiastic developer who does not get paid for his dedication. The only project funding comes from donations by players, and is used to pay the hosting and maintenance costs for the servers. Donating is your chance to show your appreciation and help keep SoM free for everyone since it's always the best method rather then pushing people away with monthly membership fees.

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SoM VIP List
Who are the SoM VIPs? They are players who have gone out of their way to contribute donations to help SoM remain online and free for everyone to enjoy. Thank you to the following people, your help is greatly appreciated! (Please note that when you donate you may choose to remain anonymous so that your name will not appear on this list)
  1. Aborter
  2. Amrod
  3. Bax
  4. BradMunkey
  5. Brendone
  6. Chop
  7. Cthulu
  8. Disop
  9. Draecor
  10. Estella
  11. Hiredkiller
  12. Huma
  13. Johnn
  14. Kaiyl
  15. Knight Master
  16. Knuckes
  17. Nemesis
  18. Nerv
  19. Nit
  20. NoFace
  21. Planes
  22. Radiata Chaos
  23. RighteousLee
  24. Ruburd
  25. Setsunaku
  26. SkinHunter
  27. Tabor, Batty, & Cera
  28. Timbits
  29. Torquey
  30. Tricky
  31. Vampire Hunter D
  32. Vegetto
  33. Willkills
  34. Yumadar
  35. Yusokoliko
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