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SoM History

Secrets of Mirage first came online late September of the year 2002 with no maps, no items, no enemies... just a blank canvas. It was running on a piece of software at the time known as Mirage: Player Worlds which had originated from the source code of an online game, Mirage. Mirage had been programmed by a developer known as Consty until another programmer, Shannara, purchased the source code with big plans for it and as such Mirage: Player Worlds was born. Originally the founders of SoM (Scorpio and Kenji) had been playing another game built with the software known as Jerrath before Kenji approached Scorpio with an offer to combine forces and make another game. So finally, after many decades of a world lacking Secrets of Mirage, Scorpio brought the server online for the first time on his 633 mhz Celeron Compaq Presario laptop (eventually known by the initial SoM community as the evil laptop of death, doom, and destruction). For the first month or two a few basic maps were created including the first town designated as "Port Ipsen" and the infamous "Gay Pirate Ocean" (which was initially a joke map during a stage of boredom and insanity but we just couldn't bring ourselves to remove it).

As the SoM community grew and evolved, so did the world as new maps and areas were created. A strange island known only as Rorrim seemed to be the center of a great catastrophe in the world of magic and spellcasting as the land appears to have been split in two seperating both good and evil. Not long an entirely new continent was discovered called Millenia and with it some new challenges and races to discover. New, better equipment was now just within the grasp of countless adventurers with the help of the Rora townspeople, a city of elves high on the treetops, and other mysteries to be discovered.

There were many changes over the years as people joined and left, the community has evolved greatly. Kenji has left to find his own path while Scorpio has moved on with the game and made it his own by leaving the Player Worlds software and creating his own custom engine called SoMX. At first a brand new custom engine was started from scratch (the very first line of code was written by Scorpio, and so on) as SoMX began its life in the alpha version stage. Within a few months the source code for Mirage Online was released to the public so Scorpio used it to move forward in SoMX by huge leaps. Now SoMX is something Scorpio is very proud of and still develops to this day.

Hopefully Secrets of Mirage will live to see many more interesting years...

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