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The Port Ipsen Docks is the first map you see with a new character.Crossroads between the docks and Port Ipsen. Those poor cows...Hou Jin is a high level danger zone where the top players like to level.
The cemetary entrance is a popular location for player duels.Aldarion is the treetop-village home of the elves somewhere in Millenia continent.Reading a sign in the new, unreleased desert area, Korand.
Cassia Mountains up north near Skyraa. Watch out for trolls.Some people don't like competition when it comes to hunting vampires...Scorpio relaxes while his lion wanders in the rain outside of the pet storage shelter.
Time for some exploring...It's good to sit down and take a quiet break from adventuring once and a while.Time for equipment repairs. The Ipsen Blacksmith is known for quality workmanship.
You don't want to end up here...The Skudsville Jail is a popular danger-zone for gaining gold.Home sweet home.
Another party at the docks...Party at docks after a Maze Race event.Cliff jump event to release the new Lightsaber weapons (added 3 new colours and gave out 1 of ea
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